HappY neW earS         

  Poem on Conduct by Josh Ronsen

  1. No person shall remove or willfully attempt to remove any idea or other item from the Poem except in accordance with the provisions of Part 11 of these Rules.

  2. No person shall unreasonably interfere with the work or comfort of another person reading, memorizing or analyzing the Poem, by the creation of undue noise, physical violence or by any other unreasonable means whatsoever.

  3. No person shall bring to the Poem an ideology, "School," method of analysis, or similar viewpoint, without the permission of the Poet or nominated officer of the Poet, unless defined by an official sign near the beginning of the Poem. The Poet and nominated officers of the Poet shall have the power to require a person to open for inspection any ideology, "School," method of analysis, or similar viewpoint that has been brought to the Poem by that person; and to inspect any viewpoints at the end of the Poem.

  4. Where the Poet or other nominated officer of the Poet has reasonable grounds to suspect that a breach of these Rules is being committed he or she has the power to require that any person who is presently reading, or analyzing or attempting to analyze the Poem, shall demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Poet or nominated officer that he or she is not in possession of any false pretenses or other unsavory attitudes against the meaning of the Poem.

  5. No person shall, except with the permission of the Poet, bring food or drink around the Poem. No person shall smoke or consume food or drink while reading the Poem, except in those instances prescribed by the Poet.

  6. No person may intentionally misplace, misuse, damage or attempt to damage any word or other item, or any part of the Poem whatsoever. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the removal of words, erasure of phrases, the making of marks or writing in any copy of the Poem constitutes a breach of the Rule.

  7. No person shall bring near the Poem any firearm, flammable or corrosive material or other weapon with the propensity to cause damage to the contents of the Poem, or to someone reading, reciting, archiving or engaging in any other natural social and/or cultural function with the Poem. Any item brought into contact with the Poem in breach of this Rule may be confiscated by the Poet or a nominated officer of the Poet or an authorized officer of the Law.

  8. No person may alter, interfere with, communicate to any person, or otherwise make use of confidential information contained in the Poem, without the permission of the Poet.

  9. A person -

    9.1 may not analyze or consider the Poem in terms of logocentralism, dialectical materialism or postmodernism; or to use the Poem to further or support the claims of any person, publication or institution advancing anti-Semitism, Fascism, cultural or military imperialism or other violent, racist, undemocratic institutions or ideas.

    9.2 who is absent from reading the Poem for more than thirty (30) minutes forfeits any right to read the Poem should any other person begin to read or otherwise associate with the Poem.

  10. No users of the Poem shall enter those areas of the Poem designated by the Poet not for public access, unless given specific written authorization by the Poet.

  11. Except with the approval of the Poet, the Poem may not be used in or as part of any broadsheets, handbills, newspapers, advertisements, commercials, Hollywood movies, books, magazines, poetry anthologies, unauthorized biographies, scandal sheets, manifestos or other print, broadcast, performance or electronic media, and no official notices or insignia of any government, corporation or religious group may be distributed or displayed within the Poem.

  12. No person shall obtain or attempt to obtain or retain by false pretense an idea or other item from the Poem, for use or intended use while reading or not reading the Poem.

  13. No person shall act in contravention of the Rules specified here in relation to the conduct of users of particular sections of the Poem.

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