Research and Performance Art 
A New Wave Psychology Project
St. Patrick's Day Kent, Ohio
Allen Bukoff

People you met in everyday life are desperate to be entertained by deviant behavior.
This should be evident in the frequency of overreactions to deviant behavior.

  1. St. Patrick's Day 1981
  2. Approach people I know one at a time as I go about my day in everyday life.
  3. Give them a folded handout (see below) and remain silent as they open it up and inspect it.
  4. When they finish inspection say "Are you ready for the performance?" Then I stick out my green food-colored tongue.
  5. Walk away and record time, place, who and reaction.
  6. Categorize reactions into overreaction (over), "appropriate" reaction (app), underreaction (under), or "contaminated" reaction (X). Very subjective. You'll have to trust me.

copy of performance handout
Approximate size of original Xerox. Folded into fourths and sealed with a small piece of white tape. Half had "New Wave Psychology" and half had the "Fluxus West" logo printed on the outside fold. Tongue colored green with magic marker on original handouts.

Time Place Who::Response Response
2:00pm Kent Hall
Karen Robinson, black KSU secretary::big laugh over
2:04 Kent Hall
Janet Jaffee, psychology grad student::"alright" app
2:06 Kent Hall
Marney Gleason, psychology undergrad::nervous smile/laugh under
2:08 Kent Hall
Jim Moe, psychology grad student::backfired because previous knowledge X
2:09 Kent Hall
-my office
Florrie Petrella, psychology grad student::suspicious & gave back under
2:18 Kent Hall
Wendy Waugh, psychology grad student with small butt::laughed app
2:30 Kent Hall
Ron-X, Claire Conlin's boyfriend::laughed, "I know why Kent Hall is roped off" app
2:45 Student Center
Leftist political science grad student-X::big-big reaction over
2:48 Student Center
Jill Rudd (!/?), communication grad student::made a big deal out of it over
2:55 Library
-3rd floor
Rosemary Moore, 1973 girlfriend::liked it a lot & shook head over
2:56 Library
-3rd floor
Randy Kuhlman, psychology grad student::he laughed app
3:05 Taylor Hall
M.-Daniel Jacoubovitch, journalism prof::loud prolonged outburst over (!)
3:15 Taylor Hall
Sue Dolter, skinny 1980 girlfriend::was prepared for the tongue X
4:00 Kent Hall
Dana Beezley, psychology grad student::laughed app
4:01 Kent Hall
-my office
Aaron Noonberg, psychology grad student::laughed & made a big deal about creativity over
4:20 Kent Hall
-mail room
to Diane Semon (psych grad) via Janet Jaffee's mail box:: ? X
4:23 Kent Hall
Michael Goldstein, postdoctoral student in psychology::big laugh, laugh, laugh; "well done, Allen" over
4:40 KINKO'S
-copy center
Sue-X, woman worker at Kinko's::really liked it over
4:40 KINKO'S
-copy center
Sherrie-X, woman worker at Kinko's::prolonged outburst over
11:18pm Walter's Cafe
"Jane"-X, works at Jerry's Diner::made a big deal about keeping it over
11:22 Walter's Cafe Michael Schroeder, English grad student::dud, just looked at me under (!)
11:30 Walter's Cafe Bonnie Hawk, a person from 1973-1975::liked it & tugged on my arm app

graph of the results

  1. More people I ran into in everyday life on St. Patrick's Day (1981) overreacted than under reacted to this handout and performance.
  2. People in everyday life are desperate for a little deviancy.

The original report
the original report

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