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Fifty years of asymmetrical conflicts, cultures and costumes

Chris Butler and I were invited to come to Los Angeles on March 12, 2006, and meet with a Canadian group who is making a documentary about the famous 1950s Quaker Oats/Sgt. Preston TV Show promotion in which official land deeds for one-square-inch of land in the Klondike region of the Canadian Yukon were given to millions of children through Quaker Oats cereal boxes. This group invited us because they are also interested in all of the various activities, projects, and events that this promotion has spawned over the years--such as the KLONDIKE: International Fluxus Group Show that Chris and I organized at the California Institute of the Arts in 1999. Via an auction on eBay, Chris and I won the use of the CalArt's Main Gallery for one week. We immediately turned around and sold one-square-foots of the gallery wall space--at a dollar a square foot--to anyone who wanted to possess some of the gallery wall space during the exhibition. Except for our exhibition banner, the walls of the gallery were entirely blank during the exhibition. Every participant received a photo of his or her personal square foot of the wall space that they "owned" during he exhibition's run. This was all done in the spirit of the 1955 Klondike one-square-inch land deeds and in the spirit of Fluxus and its historical infatuation with "nothing."

In 2006 the Canadian group found us via the internet, emailed us about their documentary, and invited us to participate. So we went to California. Got interviewed and videoed by a delightful group of Canadian peers (in a hotel room, in a parking garage, and on the Venice beach) who are making this documenary for the Canadian History Channel. They had wanted to film us at CalArts, but the administration of CalArs had refused to give them permission. It appears the administration is still miffed and embarassed about the students who sold the precious gallery space on eBay in 1999 without the adminstration's approval. So Chris and I were determined to visit CalArts on our own to get some pictures and some home-made video clips. Chris got the idea to rent a Sergeant Preston uniform and wear it on our visit. This evolved into he idea that Sergeant Preston had come to CalArts to help protect it from unauthorized activities and evil doers and that Sergeant Preston was returning some of the gallery wall space that had been mis-appropriated in 1999.

We have no idea if any of our interview or any of this other stuff will make it into the Canadian documentary, but we will post information here as it becomes available.

Sergeant Preston Protecting the California Institute of the Arts from Unauthorized Activities

Our book commerating the 1999 Klondike exhibition at CalArts

Sergeant Preston of the Yukon
Double Episode!

Episode 1. "Halt!"
Sgt. Preseton protects the California Institute of the Arts from unauthorized filming
Episode 2. "Stolen Property"
Sgt. Preston returns missing gallery wall space

Starring Chris Butler as Sergeant Preston

Video clips:
Protecting the entrance to CalArts
Patroling outside the main building - Take 3
Patroling outside the main building - Take 2
Patroling outside the main building - Take 1
Sgt. Preston leads the way
Guarding the gallery to prevent photos and videos from being taken
Guarding the main entrance to the gallery--outside the Diseny Theater
200 Motels acid flashback
Guarding one square foot in the center of the gallery
Returning one of the stolen square feet to the gallery wall
Returning one of the stolen square feet to the gallery wall - take two
On parking patrol
Guarding the perimeter of CalArts
Protecting the CalArts "HOMELAND SECURITY" sign from vandalism

Sergeant Preston Gets Testy with His Snickering Cameraman

Both of these flyers were stolen from CalArts.
One of these flyers is art.

One Square Foot
and Two Rectangular People

Unfurling the Klondike Show Banner
on Venice Beach

We had very little time for sightseeing during out visit to Los Angeles, but we did manage to see these sights.
Welcome to Los Angeles

The ice skaters
The wood
The beaches
The carhops

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