Own one square foot of art gallery wall space

KLONDIKE: International Fluxus Group Show at CalArts
Main Gallery, California Institute of the Arts
Valencia, California
December 12 - 18, 1999

Organized by Allen Bukoff and Chris Butler/Fluxus Midwest

This is the gallery space
Main Gallery, California Institute of the Arts
Main Gallery at CalArts

Please feel free to copy and distribute this invitation

To become an official participant in this group show, send $1.00 (USD), your name, postal address, and email address to:

Fluxus Midwest
1465 Fairfax
Birmingham, MI 48009

Entries must be received on or before December 10, 1999, to be included in the show. If sending a check or money order, make it payable to "Allen Bukoff."

All participants will receive the following:

  • Personal possession of one square foot of the CalArts Gallery wall space for the duration of the show (December 12 - 18, 1999).
  • A digital photo of your square foot of gallery wall space will be emailed to you at the beginning of the show for you to view, ponder, and enjoy during the show.
  • A deed acknowledging your temporary ownership of this space will be mailed to you after the show.
  • Your name will be listed as a participant in all official exhibition materials--including a website that will provide permanent online documentation of the show.

We do not encourage or anticipate anyone actually displaying anything in their one square foot of wall space. No such arrangements will be made by or through Fluxus Midwest. The idea here is the marketing of art gallery wall space and the psychology of the possession of such space. Staging a perfectly blank wall as a group show is the Fluxus side of it.

You may purchase a square foot for someone else. You may purchase multiple square feet. Multiple square feet will not be contiguous, however.

For more information contact klondike@nutscape.com


The name of the show, "Klondike," refers to deeds that were distributed in cereal boxes and by mail order in the U.S. by the Quaker Oats Company during the mid-1950s. These deeds bestowed ownership of one square inch of land in the Canadian Yukon.

Click on image to view larger, readable version
Front of land deed. Click image for larger view. Deed obtained through eBay auction).

The Canadian Klondike was the scene of a gold rush in the late 1890s. The Klondike gold rush provided the setting for a popular U.S. action-mystery radio and television program, Sgt. Preston of the Yukon.  Sgt. Preston was a Canadian Royal Mountie (i.e., police officer) who roamed the rugged Canadian Northwest Territories with his trusty husky wonder dog, Yukon King, and his faithful horse, Rex, preventing crime, bringing criminals to justice, and assisting good people in need of help.


The One Square Inch of the Yukon Deeds were a cereal premium offered as a "cross promotion" by the Quaker Oats Company and the Sgt. Preston TV series. Other Sgt. Preston-related mail-order premiums offered by the Quaker Oats company included a Klondike Prospector's Pouch (a cloth bag with one ounce of Klondike land) and the Sgt. Preston 10-in-1 Electric Trail Kit.

Click on image to view larger, readable version
Back-side of land deed. Click image for larger view.

Owning a small piece of some exotic place was a popular promotion also seen in comic books and boy's magazines of the era (most of which required you to send in a dollar to obtain your land deed).  


The CalArts Gallery wall space was originally auctioned off on eBay by a group of CalArts students known as AKSHUN. Their auction offering is reproduced below. An archive of the actual eBay auction can be viewed here.


D E S C R I P T I O N :

Enormous gallery space for immediate bidding!

More than 300 feet of wall space available for exhibition at prestigious art institute from December 11 -December 16 1999.

White walls, track lighting, 24 hour access and security, excellent condition. Located in institute's main building, near central entryway.

Guaranteed audience of no less than 1200 art critics, curators and artists.

(click on a thumbnail to see larger image)

No subject matter too risque.

No commission on sales!

Exhibitor is responsible for fees incurred in shipping and handling of work or self.

akshun will host the gallery reception Thursday, December 16, 1999.
Alexei Shulgin's 386DX Cyberpunk rockband will perform LIVE at the opening event!

Read the AKSHUN press release describing the auction of CalArts gallery space.

Some of the Economics Behind the Show

By virtue of being students at CalArts, Akshun signed-up for and obtained use of the gallery space for free. Akshun then put the gallery wall space up for bid on eBay. The auction started on September 14 at an opening bid of $5.00. Fifty-two bids, twelve bidders, and ten-days later, the auction ended with Fluxus Midwest (represented by Allen Bukoff) offering the final, high bid of $565.55.

The wall space in the CalArts gallery is approximately 350 linear feet (see blueprint diagram, below) encompassing approximately 3500 square-feet of space.


Fluxus Midwest purchased the CalArts Gallery wall space at a cost of approximately .1616 dollars (USD) per square foot.

By selling up to 3500 square feet of CalArts gallery wall space at a price of $1.00 (USD) per square foot, Fluxus Midwest stands to realize a maximum potential profit of $2934.45 ($3500.00 - $565.55) minus expenses (travel expenses, printing and mailing the certificates).

Organizers/Fluxus Midwest

Fluxus Midwest has been operating in the United States since the early 1980s. Allen Bukoff, PhD, Social Psychologist, is the current Acting Director of Fluxus Midwest and the curator of the Fluxus Indian Museum. Recent projects include Opening and Closing Doors and Drawers and Fluxus Housework. Chris Butler, long-time member of Fluxus Midwest, was leader/songwriter of the early 1980's American New Wave band, The Waittresses. Chris is the current holder of the Guinness Book of World Records record for the Longest Pop Song (The Devil Glitch, 69-minutes) on Future Fossil Records.

For more information contact klondike@fluxus.org

© 2006 Allen Bukoff & FLUXUS Midwest