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Evidence of the existence of a small, obscure group of people known as "THE FLUXUS INDIANS" was discovered in historical archives in Iowa in 1984.

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An inventive people of the Great Plains, they primarily lived in what is now known as Iowa and Minnesota. The Fluxus Indians had some contact with the early European explorers, but they appear to have vanished before the Europeans began settling the Great Plains.

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Although the Fluxus Indians peacefully coexisted among other North American Indian groups, they were not American Indians. Other Indian groups apparently viewed the Fluxus Indians as benign outsiders, referring to them as "the odd ones" and "the amusing ones."

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Evidence indicates Fluxus Indians were infatuated--almost obsessed--with NEW IDEAS.

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They were particularly interested in new ideas about technology (see Thomas Edison) and culture (see Fluxus--the Modern Art Movement).

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To aid their quest for new ideas, the Fluxus Indians developed a large set of BRAINSTORMING METHODS to facilitate the creation and exploration of new ideas. A major annual Fluxus Indian gathering was the NEW YEAR BRAINSTORMING SESSION.

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Artifacts discovered to date display an advanced knowledge of plastics, strategic planning and game theory --three major advances of the 20th century.

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Note: The "Fluxus Indians" are NOT an American Indian group. To learn more about the REAL American Natives, please visit Native American Nations.

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