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Pin Glider Booklet Mug T-shirt

This whole "museum store/catalog" thing is more trouble than it's worth
--for you as well as us--
but if you want some Fluxus Indian Museum stuff, we've got it, and you can get it here.

Photo of pin

We've got a cool wearable pin 
displaying the museum logo
(the TV Test Pattern)
in a laminated piece of plastic
--which you attach to yourself 
with a safety pin.  Ouch!  

And we send you TWO pins 
for the price of one!
One to keep.  One to give away.  
You get the joy of receiving 
AND the joy of giving.  
It's the Fluxus Indian way.

So how can you get your 
two truly terrific TV Test 
Pattern pins (each in its own 
tiny yellow rubber-stamped 

Send us  $5.00 USD.
That's right. Five dollars! 
Only costs us about 12-cents
to make these,
but we're going to charge you

Mailed anywhere/everywhere
on planet earth! 

Send check or money order to:
Fluxus Indian Museum Store
Box 192
Coon Rapids, Iowa 50058  USA


Flying  balsa-wood glider.  
Eight-inch (20mm) wing span.
Probably the worst quality gliders
we've ever seen.
The museum logo, address and URL 
are printed on the wings!

How can you get one?
Send us a check or money order 
for $6.00 (USD) to:
Fluxus Indian Museum Store
Box 192
Coon Rapids, Iowa 50058  USA
($8.00 outside the U.S.)

That's $6 per plane.
We've got hundreds, so if you
want to order a bunch...let's talk.

We can't claim Fluxus Indians used 
balsa-wood gliders, but we do know 
they were big on paper airplanes
...used to whoosh them around 
with the air oars.	

So we think the Fluxus Indians 
would be quite pleased 
to see you lobbing this
glider around...especially at work!
Toy glider Glider in flight

Museum booklet

Do you know someone 
who might really like
the Fluxus Indian Museum?
You could email them the URL
to this website.
No! That's too easy.  
You could print out
and send them a booklet
of all the museum webpages.
No, that's still too easy!
I know!
Order one of our booklets!
That's expensive
and will involve a long wait!

We've assembled a full-color
booklet of all the museum pages
that are available online.
That's the whole web site
in a 30-page booklet.
And we're ready to mail it
to whomever/wherever you want.

Just say the word.

Bad news, again, on the price.
The booklet is $15.00 USD
mailed anywhere in U.S.
($15.00 outside U.S.)
Send check or money order to:
Fluxus Indian Museum Store
Box 192
Coon Rapids, Iowa 50058  USA

Maybe you'll just want to make
your own booklet afterall.


We got out voted on this one.
There's no evidence whatsoever
the Fluxus Indians drank coffee 
or tea or used mugs for anything.
"Doesn't matter," we were told,
"People wanna buy souvenir mugs."

Once we finished pouting
we designed a great looking mug.
We took the Exhibition Index 
that appears on our home page
--added a Fluxus Indian Museum 
title and wrapped it around 
a sparkling white 
10-ounce enamel mug.

It's cool!  It's fun!  For everyone!

Yeah, right..  
We still think the Fluxus Indian
coffee mug is a travesty.
And it's a pain to ship.
We urge you not to buy one.

But if you must, 
send $25.00 USD  
check or money order to:
Fluxus Indian Museum Store
Box 192
Coon Rapids, Iowa 50058  USA
($30 outside the U.S.)
Mug illustration

Front of t-shirt
Back of t-shirt Send us your questions

You probably have more t-shirts
than you need. Don't you?  
Or maybe you were thinking
you could buy this t-shirt 
for someone else.
Stop!  Let's think about this
for a moment.
How many people really
are thrilled to get a t-shirt 
as a gift?  Honestly.

Still not convinced!
Try this:  our t-shirt is 
way too expensive!
We're embarassed to tell you
how much. 

They're expensive, because we
only do them in small  batches.
Never more than a dozen at a time.
We go to Benana Republic
or Eddie Bauer or County Seat
and buy the thickest 100% cotton 
t-shirts we can find
...as in retail 
...as in expensive.
Then we have them silk-screened.
...as in retail 
...as in expensive.
Colors:  dark green, dark brown,
kahki, white...
(whatever earth colors we can
find when we go shopping)
Sizes:  L, XL, XXL
How much?
$40.00 USD
--we weren't kidding were we.
Check or money order to:
Fluxus Indian Museum Store
Box 192
Coon Rapids, Iowa 50058  USA
($50 outside U.S)



It's a hassle buying stuff from us.  You've got to write a check and 
mail it.  You've got to include a note telling us what you want & where 
to ship it.  This way we when we get your order, we'll know YOU REALLY 
WANT THIS STUFF.  And that you're crazy.  Crazy like us.


This is how our system works:  you send us the money (by mail), we'll send you the stuff (by mail).  It's old fashioned.  It's not cool.  But it is designed to DISCOURAGE IMPULSE BUYING on your part.  Yeah, YOU.  The guy who just had to have those two new dvd's last week...and who hasn't opened either one of them yet.  Sure, we could have erected a nice secure digital transaction function here or put these items on CafePress where all you have to do is give your credit card number and you've got stuff winging its way to your house before you can say "log off."  Not us.  We've erected barriers to impulse buying here.  And one of our biggest deterrents to impulse buying is our prices.  Our prices--especially on the coffee mugs & t-shirts--are unreasonably 
high.  Ok, ridiculous.  That's just us trying to protect YOU.

All prices are subject to change without notice. All prices include shipping, handling, postage & applicable taxes. Don't ask, it's a nightmare.

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