Magic balloon One of the more charming legends of the Fluxus Indians is their tale about THE MAGIC BALLOON and the THE DIFFICULT TIME. Adult Fluxus Indians would gather their children and recount the legend in late fall during harvest celebrations.

The legend proclaimed that in the future the Fluxus people would pass through THE DIFFICULT TIME, a challenging period requiring extraordinary creativity, cohesion and sacrifice. According to the legend, one person, a special Fluxus Indian child, would come forward to prepare them for safe passage through THE DIFFICULT TIME. They would know this child, because he or she would inflate THE MAGIC BALLOON (a balloon with a large hole).

Few Fluxus Indian adults actually believed the legend but pretended to for the children's sake. After recounting the legend the adults would line up the children and watch (in amusement) as each child attempted to blow up THE MAGIC BALLOON.

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