Thomas Edison photo As an adolescent, Thomas Edison (the great American inventor) discovered some odd, discarded "Indian artifacts" and writings in a box at a public library in Port Huron, Michigan. Edison deciphered these important Fluxus Indian records and learned the following three things:
Thomas Edison embraced the Fluxus Indian list of ideas for future inventions as the agenda for most of his life's work. The Fluxus Indians had envisioned a variety of remarkable technological devices, and Edison worked to create their existence. Among these inventions are the electric lightbulb, the office duplicating machine, the record player, the movie camera and projector, and the Edison Effect (the basis of electronics). These inventions created modern nightlife, the recording industry, the movie industry, and the electronics industry--virtually the foundation of everyday life and popular culture in the twentieth century.

The Fluxus Indians also anticipated television (see Television Test Pattern).

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