Fluxus Indians would take images and icons, cut them up into small pieces, and put the pieces 
in small transparent plastic containers.   Playing with the arrangement of these containers was known 
as Mix-Up Game.
The Mix-Up Game Display The Mix-Up Game had several important uses for the Fluxus Indians. At its simplest level, it was used as a jigsaw puzzle to teach young children the satisfaction of putting things in their "right place"--a central concept in Fluxus Indian spiritual philosophy. Adults would use the Mix-Up Game as a tool to study the power of images. They believed that carefully and systematically rearranging pieces of the image while observing the effect on their thoughts and feelings would reveal the "special secrets" or power contained in the image (also see the Fluxus Concept).
The Fluxus Indian Museum is proud to present the only known surviving example of a Fluxus Indian Mix-Up Game. One arrangement of these game pieces yields an image that bears a startling and uncanny resemblance to the modern-day logo of the Oscar Mayer Company.

Mix-Up Game donated to the Fluxus Indian Museum by Janet Janet.

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